Welcome to River District Dentistry

Welcome to your dental home - we're a general dental clinic located in the heart of River District.

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Mission Statement

Mission statement: Our goal is to build great relationships with you, the citizens and families of River District, and help you make informed decisions about your oral health.

Once you’ve decided on a treatment plan, we’ll strive to deliver fresh, current care in a convenient and comfortable environment. You can expect cutting edge technology and techniques, but in a relaxed and friendly environment that’s a little more “music, laughter, and jokes” and a little less “dental drill” :)

Core Values

Core values are the bedrock of our practice and influence everything we do. River District Dentistry is based on the important core values of TREVii:


We will trust in and work off of everyone’s strengths to deliver wins every day, and step up when someone needs help.


We will respect ourselves, our patients, and the professionals we collaborate with in order to build a refreshing, rock-solid culture of integrity and professionalism.


We will strive for peak performance and flawless execution in all we do, from coordinating your appointments to delivering comfortable, high-quality dental care.


We will volunteer our skills, time, money, and/or resources to help those in need.

Investigation & Implementation

We will not be stuck in the dark ages of dentistry. We will constantly research current treatment protocols, and implement the best ones into our daily practice systems, in order to improve your experience as a patient.