A model of a tooth

Our Dental Clinic

A Brand New High Tech Clinic

At River District Dentistry we employ the latest in dental technology to ensure our patients get the best results. But don't take our word for it, see for yourself by watching our video tour on the left.


Dental photography

Intraoral & Extraoral Photography

Ever tried to take a look at your top back molar in a mirror? It’s almost impossible. Using a combination of up-close intraoral cameras and outside-the-mouth DSLR cameras, we can show you exactly what we see with your teeth and gums, and help you understand what we’re talking about. Taking photos of your teeth also helps when communicating with your insurance company, as well as with the laboratory that is making your custom-shaded crown, bridge, or veneer.

A dental xray at a work station

Digital Radiography

Our digital imaging system provides crisp, clear, instantaneous imaging, without the wait time of old-school film imaging. As an added benefit, digital radiographs utilize far-less radiation than conventional film imaging.

HD TV’s - We can magnify any of your radiographs or oral photos on our 50” HDTV’s that are mounted in every room. This helps us show you and help you understand exactly what’s going on in your mouth, without having to squint to see an tiny xray on a backlit screen.

A dental implant scan and proposal

3D Conebeam Scans

3D imaging is one of the more recent, ground-breaking advances in dentistry. Our 3-D technology has far less radiation compared to the machines used in hospitals and the medical field, yet provides us with a lot of useful information about your oral health compared to conventional 2D imaging. With one image, we can examine your teeth and jaws in 3 views for bone cysts, certain tumours, sinus infections, chronic infections around any of your teeth roots, and the shape and positions of the nerves in and around teeth, which helps make your treatment more predictable with less surprises.

Using an Intraoral-Scanner

3D Intraoral Scanners

Our IntraOral Scanner (IOS; no, not the iPhone kind) is the newest addition to our fleet of technology. In a nutshell, it helps eliminate the need to take analog impressions. Yes, dentistry as a whole is slowly doing away with those big impression trays filled with goopy material that have to sit in your mouth for minutes. Our IOS is a similar shape to an electric toothbrush, except instead of bristles, it has a high speed video camera.

As we move it around your mouth, it takes dozens of photos per second, and stitches them into a 3D model which we can rotate, zoom in on, and manipulate on screen. The file for this model could then also be sent to one of our local digital dental labs wirelessly, where they can then design a crown, bridge, retainer, nightguard, etc and return it to us more quickly versus the analog version. This machine is really cool once you see it in action in real life!

3D printed models of cases

3D Printing

All of the labs that we partner with utilize 3D printing to provide precise and accurate models of your teeth!