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Comfort & Convenience

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Online Booking & Forms

For the sake of saving trees and time, we aim to be an almost paperless office.

Save trees by filling out your personal info digitally. This cuts down on the amount of scanning and paper shredding we have to do, and actually gives us more time to focus on meeting and treating you!

Save time by booking online through our BOOK NOW buttons on this website, Google, Facebook and Instagram. This lets you pick a date and time for your new patient exam or emergency exam that works for your schedule, in real time!

It’s kind of like booking a flight - no more playing phone tag, or submitting an email or website “appointment request” and waiting for someone to get back you. Please note, this feature is currently only available for either 1) a new patient exam and hygiene appointment, or 2) an emergency exam to diagnose a source of pain or a specific dental problem you’re having.

River District Dentistry Sign


We are REALLY easy to find in the heart of River District. No need to search around for the correct floor and suite number in a stuffy professional building. We’re on the ground floor of Town Centre 3, the building on the southwest corner of Sawmill Crescent and River District Crossing (kitty corner to the building with Starbucks and Save-On Foods). We’re 2 doors down from Scotiabank, just west of the door for our Physio and Medical neighbours, and walkable from pretty much anywhere in River District. Just look for our signs and logo under the canopy and you’ll find our entrance :)

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Digital Reminders

We get it. In today’s busy world, it’s easy to forget things. That’s why we can provide you with timely emails, calls, and/or texts to remind you about your upcoming appointments. No more worrying about misplacing a handwritten postcard.

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Refreshment Bar

We’ve got hot and cold beverages available for you to enjoy in our west-coast inspired waiting room...on the rare case that you’re actually waiting :) A major commitment of ours is to run on-time, and have you seated within 10 minutes of your schedule appointment time.

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No more staring at a blindingly bright light or a boring ceiling poster of clouds or a beach during your appointment. Every operatory is equipped with sunglasses and an overhead TV to help pass the time in the chair quickly and enjoyably.

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Topical Gel

We ALWAYS use high strength numbing gel to help reduce the pinch of being numbed up.

Air Purification

We take air quality seriously at River District Dentistry. That's why we've made the significant investment of purchasing hospital-grade air purifiers, and placing them in the lobby and in EVERY treatment room. Click HERE to read more about our IQ air purification systems.