COVID-19 Announcement

Dear patients,

As we gear up (literally, there's a ton of PPE we wear!) for phase 2 of BC's restart plan, you'll notice some changes when you visit our clinic:

    • 1) Screening questions - you'll be sent an email/text with a quick survey about any recent COVID risk factors. This must be filled out the SAME DAY as your visit and is a requirement from our regulatory college before you will be allowed in. It's available and easy to sign on your phone or computer, so don't worry about having to touch a pen or paper :)

    • 2) Wait outside - once your treatment room is ready, we will unlock the front door to bring you in to reduce people in our lobby

    • 3) No walk-ins - If you have any questions, or want to book an appointment, we ask that you call or email us instead of physically entering the facility

    • 4) Temperature screening with a no-touch thermometer

    • 5) Hand sanitization for patients on entry. Please also use the restroom before you arrive!

    • 6) Lots of PPE - you've likely seen pictures in the news by now of what healthcare workers look like when donned in gloves, gown, masks and eye's a bit harder to hear us talk, but don't worry, we're still the same people beneath all those layers :)

    • 7) Cooler temperature - working in all those layers of PPE gets very toasty, so we will be keeping the clinical areas on the cooler side - you may want to bring a sweater!

    • 8) Staying in the treatment room until all notes are completed and lobby area is cleared

  • 9) Contactless payment options - not only can you now tap your card for up to $250, we are working on some other contactless options that will allow you to walk straight out after your procedure! We aren't accepting cash payments at the moment.