Infection Control

We meet or exceed the guidelines laid out by the College of Dental Surgeons of BC.

From our frequent handwashing/sanitization to PPE to engineering controls, infection control is a top priority here at River District Dentistry. Here’s some other things that ensure our facility is one of the safest places to be:

Powered door openers: Our entrance doors are powered to reduce contact with high-touch surfaces - instead of using door handles, please use the buttons both inside and outside for entry/exit.

Disinfectant wipe downs: Between patient appointments, surfaces in our treatment rooms are wiped with medical-grade disinfectant wipes (which are virucidal against coronaviruses).

Instrument sterilization: All instruments are first disinfected with an instrument-washer, followed up by sterilization with medical-grade steam autoclaves.

Disposable barriers: One-time use film barriers are used on high touch surfaces that can’t be steam sterilized.

Digital forms and payment: Since we opened, we leveraged technology to allow for new patient information forms to be filled out online, at home, before you come to the clinic.This eliminates the traditional pen-and-paper process. For anyone that forgets to fill them out in advance, we have easily-cleaned tablets available for these forms to be filled out. We heavily advocate for credit/debit transactions that don’t involve passing cash back and forth.

Isodry/ReLeaf: These one-time use devices significantly reduce droplet splatter, as well as:

  • Give you something to rest your jaw on so you don’t strain your jaw muscles.
  • Keep your cheeks and tongue out of harms’ way.
  • Suck out excess water and saliva so they don’t pool in your mouth.
  • Free up our hands to help us complete your treatment much quicker!
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