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Dr. Scott Kollen DMD
General Dentist

Hi everyone! I’m Dr. Scott Kollen (rhymes with “pollen”) and I’m beyond excited to announce the start of River District Dentistry! I grew up just a short ways upstream of River District, in Pitt Meadows, BC, and spent most of my teen years playing competitive basketball. People always ask why I got involved in dentistry. Well, in grade 8, I was in mid-braces treatment (complete with awkward headgear) when I was assigned an English project that required me to create a superhero. My creation was called... “The Dental Defender”.

To put things in context, at the time, I was about 4’10” and a measly 90 pounds. The Dental Defender was 6’6”, 270 pounds, and bore an uncanny resemblance to The Rock, AKA Dwayne Johnson, my childhood idol. The Dental Defender had gadgets like MegaFloss to help him lasso crooks, and a squirt gun filled with acidic mouthwash that let him dissolve walls. The pièce de resistance was the “Toothbrush of Justice”. It intimidated the heck out of bad guys with poor oral hygiene and eliminated nasty bacteria in one fell stroke.

That English project somehow kickstarted my interest started into this profession, and was also the basis for what is probably the most electrifying essay in dental school admissions history. Moving on, eventually the braces came off and I moved to Vancouver where I completed my undergrad and dental degrees at the University of British Columbia.


  • "Some of my best memories are from working with children during the summer breaks between semesters. I had the uniquely challenging, but especially rewarding opportunity to be a daycamp leader, both for kids with special needs, as well as those living in the Downtown East Side! There was plenty of fun, and no dull moments to be had :)"

After graduation, I practiced in small-town Comox on Vancouver Island before heading across the Rockies to Calgary, Alberta. I practiced in YYC with an amazing group of dental professionals that truly helped me grow as a dentist, both in terms of clinical knowledge as well as the practice management aspects of the profession. During this phase of my career, I took (and still do take!) hundreds of hours of continuing education courses all over North America.

In 2018, I loaded up a U-Haul and made the drive back west through the mountains. Moving back to BC brings me closer to my family and favourite outdoor activities, namely surfing and fly fishing! My upbringing near the water means I love travelling to surf spots, from toasty Indonesia up to cold and foggy Wales. If I’m indoors, I’m probably working out, attempting yoga, playing basketball, swimming, cooking up a big meal, or trying a new craft beer! I’m looking forward to meeting you here at River District Dentistry!

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Dr. Calvin Biddle

Hello patients of River District Dentistry! My name is Dr. Calvin Biddle and I’m very excited to join the team here. Born and raised in Vancouver, I grew up not too far away from the River District area in the Marpole neighbourhood. I have grown to love the city of Vancouver with its diverse culture, close proximity to nature, and the weather (oddly enough, I enjoy walking in and listening to rain!). Due to this, I decided to pursue my undergraduate as well as my dental degrees at the University of British Columbia.

Outside of dentistry, you can find me trying to stay active by working out at the gym, going for a jog, or strapping on a backpack for a hike. Although I have never been the greatest athlete, I enjoy playing any kind of sport and I am a total geek for the NBA. I also like exploring the food scene here or visiting the nearby cafe to fuel my coffee addiction.

I’m looking forward to meeting you here at River District Dentistry!

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