Certified Dental Assistant

Hi! I’m Niki and I’m a dental assistant at River District Dentistry. I was born in Regina, grew up in Kelowna, lived in Toronto for a year and now I’m thrilled to call Vancouver home. I have worked in fast food, retail and as a nail technician. I wanted to pursue a career where I can help others and create long-term client relationships. Growing up, I was always afraid of going to the dentist so now I try my best to create a cheerful and soothing environment for all patients.

My dream since I was 10 was to be in the WWE (crazy, I know!) The idea of entertaining others, making people laugh, putting on a show, and playing a character was so fascinating to me. (Unfortunately, Dr. Kollen won’t let me show off my moves on patients.) After working as a dental assistant, I learnt that helping a dentist fix teeth is much cooler than knocking teeth out.

In my free time, I enjoy watching YouTube videos –  anything about science or any video where I can learn a fun fact and cooking shows!