Wisdom Teeth Removal

Your back wisdom teeth are notorious for causing oral health complications throughout your life, and although you may not currently be experiencing symptoms, there could be issues occurring under the gums that can be expensive and problematic to fix if the wisdom teeth are left alone and treatment postponed..

Wisdom teeth are often impacted, meaning that there isn’t enough space for them to correctly erupt through the gums. Sometimes we see teeth straightened by braces or Invisalign, only to have wisdom teeth cause them to become crooked again and cause the need to re-do the braces or Invisalign! Wisdom teeth can trap food near the roots of your “good” back molars, causing deep decay that is often impossible to fix and results in extra, unexpected extractions.

Even if you’re not experiencing symptoms, we recommend to come in for an exam around age 16 in order to evaluate your wisdom teeth. The earlier they are removed, the easier the process, with a quicker and more comfortable healing period. If you’re not sure about the status of your wisdom teeth, or just want more information about wisdom teeth removal, make an appointment to see us and discuss. We offer sedation options to help make your treatment quick and comfortable.

A depiction of an impacted wisdom tooth